One Way to Grow and Bloom

Soil-less growing requires complete and effective hydroponic nutrient solutions that supply plants with everything they need for strong growth and maximum yields. One Way to Grow and One Way to Bloom eliminates all the time and guesswork that goes into following popular complex feed programs and the expenses associated with them.

One Way to Grow and Bloom are completely water-soluble bags that contain multiple components, including all necessary nutrients and bio-activators. Everything you need to have a successful growing experience. Available in 100L and 20L reservoir sizes.


1 bag placed in your reservoir, then filled to 100 or 20 liters, depending on bag size, will give you your ready to use solution. pH pre-optimized! Simply monitor pH between reservoir changes!

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Try our calculator to customize your One Way usage for your water or preferred PPMs!

Note: The amounts shown are best estimates only. Outside variables may affect your actual PPM reading.


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Now Available at Sunlight Supply in the following new sizes:

2.5 lbs, 10 lbs, 50 lbs, 100 lbs.

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